Which is better, tpe pillow or latex pillow?

Features of TPE soft glue:

1. It can be processed by ordinary thermoplastic molding machine without special processing equipment. The production efficiency is greatly improved. It can be vulcanized directly with a rubber injection molding machine, with high production efficiency, easy recycling, and low cost. The used TPE products can be recycled after simple regeneration, which reduces environmental pollution and expands the source of renewable resources.
2. Most thermoplastic elastomers do not require vulcanization or have a short vulcanization time, which can effectively save energy and have a wider range of applications. It can be used as a compounding agent for plastic reinforcement, toughening modification, self-reinforcement, simplified formulation and polymer. The influence of control is small, and the quality performance is easier to grasp.

Latex characteristics:
1. Anti-mite and antibacterial. Because the oak protein in latex can inhibit latent germs and allergens, it meets environmental protection requirements, can inhibit the growth of germs and mites, and is free of static electricity. It has natural frankincense, which makes people deeply troubled by respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. People benefit.
2. The natural latex pillow has thousands of vents and a fine mesh structure. These holes can dissipate the waste heat and humidity discharged from the human body, promote natural ventilation, and provide a natural air conditioning system to keep the air in the pillow fresh and healthy.
It can be seen from the above that tpe soft rubber has high production efficiency, low cost, recyclability and environmental protection. Latex can prevent mites and bacteria. Both tpe and latex have their own characteristics. There are thousands of materials for these two materials. TPE feels good and has good elasticity. It is often called synthetic rubber. Compared with latex, latex has good strength and weather resistance. So which of the two materials is better depends on where they are used!
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