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Amazing pillow!!

I’m so picky about pillows and I love this thing!! Worth the splurge. My husband is trying to steal it we need to buy a second one!

I love my pillow!

I have arthritis in my neck this pillow helps me sleep without hurting all night!

Feels like a cloud.

Feels like I am sleeping on a cloud. The only downside is that it is very heavy.


Cooler and very comfortable.

Glad I spent the extra money for this pillow!

Best pillow design, compared to all other pillows made by other manufacturers. The top and bottom of the pillow has a cooling effect. Which ends the dreaded; wake up and flip your ****** pillow to the underneath cool side.


The only pillow that prevents me from waking up with a sore back, hasn’t gotten any flatter during the 3 months I’ve had it!

It's perfect

This is without a doubt the most comfortable and well thought out pillow ever. It's perfect. Not to hard, not to soft, no pressure, no heat.

I love love this pillow

It has definitely been the only pillow to help with my neck problems.

Great pillow

Keeps my head cool. No flipping!

Great Pillow

The pillow is very comfortable but I wish it was slightly more firm. Other than that it’s great!

Great pillow

I hope this pillow lasts a long time. If so, then it will be worth the cost.

My Favorite Pillow

After trying cheaper pillows I eventually tried this one and it was the only one that supported my neck all night and didn't sink in. It's so cool and breathable

A cooling nights’ sleep—consistently

It is hands down the best pillow I have ever experienced.

I bought this pillow because it promised to keep my head cool while sleeping. Given the fact that I also started using it during the hottest weather, I can report that it’s the only pillow that has consistently been able to keep that promise. I think it has something to do with its jelly-like bulk. That may sound, well, squishy, but I don’t experience it that way. Instead, it cushions my head beautifully when I put it down and it springs back into shape when I lift my head up. This pillow is also substantial enough to stay in one supportive place throughout the night. Soft and comfortable, it took no time at all to get used to.

Would I buy another one? Absolutely. I could not endorse the cooling nights’ sleep that this pillow has finally made possible more enthusiastically.

Great pillow !!!

It’s the best choice

I am getting the best rest

Love, love, love this pillow!! I can not say enough good things about this pillow.I am getting the best rest I’ve ever had in my life! I’ll be buying the pillow for family members!

All around excellent

I’ll definitely be buying again when it’s needed or as gifts for family and friends

Best pillow ever

This is the best pillow I've ever had! I've had multiple other expensive pillows but this one is the absolute best.

Best pillow for side sleepers

It's an amazing pillow it doesn't lose shape and it's great if you're side sleeping. It's firm and yet so soft on my head. I highly recommend. It's the best sleep I've gotten.

Great pillow!

It takes a couple times to break it in to your comfort level but once it is it’s amazing!

The best cooling pillow I've ever had!

I love how the pillows support my head, and also do a good job of keeping me cool!!

Life changing! No hyperbole at all.

I’m in less pain, keep cool, and have support for when I need to spend time in bed during the day. My first night with it was kinda a spiritual experience so all I’m saying is you really won’t regret the purchase!!

Seriously BEST pillow

This is seriously the best pillow ever. So comfortable.