What are the types of pillows? Which pillow is the most comfortable?

One third of life is spent in sleep. While entering the best sleep state, it is very important to choose the right pillow to get a certain health effect. It is everyone's dream to benefit the body and mind, and the quality of pillows is good or bad. It is directly related to the quality of sleep. There are many types of pillows on the market. Let's take a look at what types of pillows are currently available?

Memory Pillow
The shape of the pillow conforms to the ergonomic curve. With traditional pillows, the cervical spine is curved and hanging. The ergonomic pillow is to straighten the cervical spine, and breathing is significantly smoother. It solves the discomfort of neck distortion and snoring. Natural and comfortable, it can make the body quickly enter a good sleep state, effectively protect the cervical spine, correct or prevent deformation. It is especially suitable for patients who are prone to insomnia, cervical spondylopathy and cervical spondylopathy.

Chemical fiber pillow
This is an ordinary pillow made of man-made fibers. Because the breathability of chemical fiber material is not very good, it is easy to deform and agglomerate after a long time. Lack of elasticity, the pillow presents an uneven state. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not choose this cheap but impractical pillow when buying pillows.

Latex pillow
Latex has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, and has strong supporting force. It is said that for children with skeletal development, latex can change the shape of the head without dust, fiber and other allergens that cause respiratory allergies. Some latex pillows also have the function of massaging and promoting blood circulation. Latex pillows are ideal pillows, but they are also more expensive.

TPE pillow
Hollow ventilation, stable support, etc., can effectively and quickly rebound, and achieve the effect of relieving the pressure on the head and neck. Also known as artificial skin, it is a new type of environmental protection material and a new type of polymer material. It is also the only new product that can replace rubber, and it is also a world-standard environmentally friendly material. It has a series of excellent properties such as high elasticity, good aging resistance, and washing resistance. It has a longer life, more stable and safer than traditional filling pillows. Want to buy TPE pillows? I recommend choosing the WEADDU brand. The TPE pillows of this brand are sold directly by the factory, and the quality is more guaranteed.

In fact, there is no better pillow, only pillows that are more suitable for you. The comfort of various pillows varies from person to person. As long as you feel comfortable to use, it is suitable for you.

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