The knowledge of pillows one

 One-third of a person's life is spent in sleep with pillows, and pillows have a crucial impact on people's life, work and study. In real life, because people don't know enough about the importance of pillows and don't have a deep understanding of pillows, people have many misunderstandings in the choice of pillows and many unreasonable habits in use. Bad habits can seriously affect people's quality of life and physical health, resulting in many people's head, neck, shoulders, back and internal organs and other symptoms. From ancient physicians and warlocks to modern medical experts and scholars, people of insight believe that pillows used for sleep are extremely important, and have carried out in-depth research in many aspects, and have already obtained quite rich research results, so people who enter modern life are very important. It is necessary to carry out a "pillow revolution". WEADDU's TPE non-pressure pillow advocates the innovation and revolution of pillows. First of all, people should increase their knowledge of pillows, and secondly, they should choose and use the pillows that are suitable for them, so that they can not only improve themselves The quality of sleep ensures the working state, and can make your body healthier and your life better.


Part 1 General knowledge of pillows

First, the role of the pillow

It is generally believed that pillows are the stuffing used by people for the comfort of sleep, but from modern medical research, the spine of the human body is a straight line when viewed from the front, but has four physiologically curved curves when viewed from the side. The normal physiological curvature of the neck maintains the normal physiological activities of people during sleep, and people must use pillows when sleeping.

The structure of the pillow

Pillows generally consist of two parts: a pillow core and a pillowcase. The pillow core needs to be filled with materials to keep the pillow at a certain height during use. Currently, there are various filling materials on the pillow market. WEADDU's TPE non-pressure pillow is 100% made of food-grade imported TPE material, which is not only skin-friendly, but also has a two-layer hollow triangle design, which is more breathable, plus unique ergonomic design and neck protection design, Its a neck support pillow that be the best pillow for side and back sleepers, so you can sleep comfortably in winter and summer.It is the best pillows for sleeping.

Third, the classification of pillows

There are also various types of pillows. The ancients once divided pillows into winter pillows, summer pillows or soft pillows and hard pillows. This classification is very consistent with the way of health care. In summer, they like to use cool pillows, and in winter they pursue warmer pillows. Prefer firmer pillows, while some prefer softer ones. Modern people are divided into head pillows, lumbar pillows, back pillows, ear pillows, etc. according to the different functions of pillows. There are more classifications from the pillow core materials: stone pillows such as jade and magnet; wooden pillows such as sandalwood and cypress; Chinese medicine pillows such as cassia, silkworm sand, chrysanthemum; cotton, velvet and various chemical fiber pillows, etc. Soft pillows, as well as water pillows, air pillows, tea pillows and other pillows, Shizhibao's pillow world currently includes 12 categories and more than 50 types of functions. These pillows are all loved by people in different times and with different characteristics, and their performance and practicability also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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