How to choose a pillow for your kids?

Pillow is a very important thing for sleep. If the pillow is not selected well, it is likely to affect sleep, so you need to pay attention when choosing agood pillow. Especially in childhood, the head is relatively delicate, if the quality of the pillow is too poor, it may affect the health of the head. So how to choose a body pillow for children?

The length of the bed pillows used by the child can be as wide as the shoulders, the width can be a little longer than the head, and the height can be controlled within 5 mm. The material of the pillow core must be harmless, so as to ensure the health of the child. The pillow for kids must have a certain degree of softness and hardness, so that the child's skull can develop normally and not cause skull deformation. It is also not suitable for children to use pillows that are too elastic, because bouncy pillows are easy to block the blood flow to the head. Cooling pillow with good ventilation and heat dissipation is suitable for summer. Therefore, when parents choose pillows for their children, they should consider the height, hardness, heat dissipation and ventilation and not easy to deform. The child's spine is curved, so it is necessary to use the best pillow. The purpose of using the best pillow is to protect the neck so that the neck can maintain a normal physiological curvature. The function of the pillow avoids the compression of the cervical spine during sleep, so that the head and waist can be balanced.

Weaddu TPE Children's Sleeping Pillow, the best pillow specially designed for kids aged 3-12. TPE material is non-toxic and harmless. Breathable and heat-dissipating, soft and supportive, washable and quick-drying to ensure no germs and mites. To ensure the healthy and normal growth of children's cervical spine.

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