Do you know which sleeping position is right for you?

We spend a lot of our lives in sleep, and sleep has a huge impact on us. A good night's sleep is not only good for our physical health, but also improves our quality of life. There are many factors that affect sleep. Sleeping posture can be said to be the main factor, and the posture of sleeping posture will greatly affect the quality of our sleep.

Under normal circumstances, we have the following 4 sleeping positions. Let me share with you the advantages and disadvantages of these 4 sleeping positions.

According to statistics, about half of the people sleep in the supine position, so that sleeping will not compress various organs of the body.
The advantage is that when we lie on our backs, our body is in a straight line, which has a certain improvement in relieving back pain and arthritis. And it has a certain protective effect on our skin, because lying on the back isolates the contact between our face and the pillow, reducing the harm of bacteria and mites. The disadvantage is that this sleeping position is very easy to cause us to snore, and if it is serious, there will be apnea.

Generally speaking, lying on your stomach is sleeping on your stomach, and sleeping on your stomach can be said to have no advantages. Sleeping on your stomach can affect facial symmetry or development, especially for growing children. And for us adults, it can affect our blood flow, or it can affect our breathing and body organs, and it can also worsen the condition of our facial skin. For female friends, the service has many hazards, which may compress the breasts and affect the blood circulation of the breasts.

left side
We all know that our heart is on the left side of our entire body contour, so sleeping on the left side is very easy to cause harm to our heart and increase the burden on our heart, especially for the elderly or heart disease patients. This sleeping position is recommended. But the left side can better make our stomach into a soothing state, which can promote sleep, and this can ensure that our breathing is relatively smooth, which is more suitable for pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy.

right side
Lying on the right side can be said to be a healthy sleeping position recognized by the public. First of all, it will not compress our hearts and cause a burden to our hearts, and it is also conducive to the normal operation of the stomach and intestines, which is more conducive to our digestion and absorption. , and it will be more conducive to the metabolism of our liver, thereby helping the digestion and absorption of nutrients in our body. This sleeping position is very suitable for female friends in early pregnancy. Based on the analysis of the above four sleeping positions, lying on the right side is healthier, followed by lying on the back.

The above is what I shared about how to sleep more healthily. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Finally, I recommend the TPE pillow of the WEADDU brand, which can help you fall asleep quickly. It is of good quality and is a trustworthy brand.

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