WEADDU E201 Eye massager

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Product name: Eye massager
Packing list:Device+manual+USB cable+bag
Size of packing:246*180*96mm
With packing: 660g
Packing way:gift box+bilster

Product features:
1.3D five air bags, intelligent three-stage air pressure circulation massage +42° temperature hot compress + multi-frequency vibration massage
2.Relieve eye muscle tension, promote blood circulation around the eyes.
3.Simulate human manipulation, massage eight acupoints around the eyes, release eye pressure, relieve visual fatigue, care for the vision, and dilute dark circles around the eyes.
4.Meditation music leads to improved sleep quality
5.180° folding, fit the eye design, to meet the needs of various face shapes.
5.15 minutes automatic timing, 1000mAh battery, long standby .
6.Bluetooth connect mobile phone, free music selection, LCD screen, high-end and beautiful.
7.5 massage modes to switch freely, have Multiple testing certificates, high quality assuranced.