WEADDU D018 Eye beauty vibration massager equipment

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Product name: Eye beauty vibration massager equipment
Packing list:device+manual+USBcharging
Size of packing:175*80*50mm
With packing:82g
Packing way:color box+bilster

Product function:

1. High frequency microvibration massage 12,000 times per minute to relieve eye fatigue.
2. Constant temperature 42° hot compress, wake up the skin, lift and tighten.
3. Galvanic can promote absorption of skin care products and increase collagen.
4. Red and blue light care: enhance skin elasticity, reduce melanin around eyes.
5. Fade fine lines, dark eye circles, fade lip lines, plump and firm.
6. Smart induction start, 2 minutes intelligent timing, USB portable charging.
7. Elliptical camber oblique mouth massage head design, closely adhere to the skin, omni-directional massage without dead Angle lifting.