WEADDU T-P006 stress-free neck-care pillow (Female Version)

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Product Description
product name stress-free neck-care pillow(Female Version)
Product model T-P006
Dimension 52X35X(8- 9)CM
net weight 2.3kg
color purple or customized
pillow inner material TPE high-molecular polymer
user male adults 

product feature

Exclusively designed for females whose cervical spine is uncomfortable.
Head & neck support area takes a tongue-shape convex design per cervical vertebra curve to support neck closely, can effectively relieve neck fatigue. Rounded groove in the center of the pillow help to fix head, to make you feel more comfortable when sleep on back and well avoid cervical ache,stiff or slip out of pillow during 8 hour 's sleep.
Flat lateral sleep extension area on the both sides with appropriate height and TPE excellent rebound resilience can powerfully suppport your head, avoid shoulder numb after 8 hours sleep.
992pcs airflow grids,triangular hollow curved design, good breathability, cool touch, can washable.