WEADDU T-P005 kid pressureless relief breathable pillow (Children Version)

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Product Description
product name kid pressureless relief pillow(Children Version)
Product model T-P005
Dimension 50X30(4-7)CM
net weight 2kg
color purple or customized
pillow inner material TPE high-molecular polymer
user male adults 

product feature

kids aged 3-12 sweat easily during sleep, this pillow with triangle hollow design is breathable. material is washable, can help to reduce acarids and bacterial, keep sleep more healthy.
height of the lower part of the pillow is 5-4-5cm, applicable to kids aged 3-6 whose cervical spine in growth stage, it can help to protect their cervical spine grow flat and straight.
height of the higher part of the pillow is 7-6-7cm, applicable to kids aged 7-12 whose cervical spine grow fast, appropriate height can help to avoid humpback.
To meet different kids' skull and cervical spine growth needs, this pillow take round sunken design in the central of the pillow to keep kids' cervical spine grow heathly and to prevent sleep slantingly.