Why are latex pillows replaced by TPE pillows?

Recently, pillows have been occupying hot searches on the Internet. Industry insiders are also constantly asking about the sanctity of this new type of neck pillow, how it is processed, and what material it is made of. I am coming now. Explain to everyone that there are two popular materials on the market now, one is latex pillow made of latex material, and the other is TPE neck pillow made of popular TPE material. What is the difference between these two materials? 2. This is explained by the editor.

Tell everyone about latex pillows. This is a latex pillow that appeared on the market before TPE pillows. So you may have a better understanding of latex pillows. The processing method of latex is casting. Moreover, the smell of latex pillows is also circulating on the Internet, and the cost is more expensive. Generally, there are hundreds of latex pillows with tight structure, good air circulation and neck protection. It also uses a fixed structure to support, and the neck protection cannot be determined by random sleeping positions, so some users with weird sleeping positions are a little dissatisfied, but the pillow made of TPE material solves many such problems. .

As today's mainstream material, TPE material also has unique advantages in making pillows. First of all, its handling method is very convenient. It is processed by injection molding, which is also a very popular processing method. The molding effect is also very good, the molding is fast, the shrinkage rate is small, the odor is low, there is almost no odor after cooling, and it can be designed into a hollow shape, unlike the structure of latex, so it is compact. This design also makes it more convenient to use, can speed up the air flow and improve the quality of sleep, and this design is suitable for various sleeping positions, because the hollow process can make the stress points all over the pillow, so you can sleep well In the most comfortable way. When falling asleep, it can also protect the neck.

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