What's your sleep habits?

Some people feel that their necks are uncomfortable. It may be because they are too tired during the day. So first think about what we are doing during the day. Most people are office workers, so they usually sit in the office during the day and watch the computer. Or some people spend most of the time playing with their mobile phones, which will naturally cause a kind of pressure on our necks, and the neck will naturally feel uncomfortable for a long time, but this discomfort will not last for too long, usually after sleeping. It will be much better after that, but why do some people feel more uncomfortable in their necks when they go to bed at night? After waking up, their necks are quite uncomfortable, even stiff necks.

What is the reason for this? Neck Pillow? sleeping position? or something else?

Most people think that if the neck is painful, it must be because of the body pillow. Sometimes we change a lot of bed pillows, but we still feel painful. This is because we don't think about our neck when we sleep. Think first. Ask if we lie flat on the cloud pillow when we sleep, and there will be a gap between the neck and the neck pillow. If you sleep like this, then you need to adjust your sleep pillow and your sleeping position, try your best to Make your pillow fit the neck to better protect the cervical spine. At present, there are pillows designed to protect the cervical spine. These ergonomic pillow are very comfortable when sleeping, because the neck pillow can fit the neck perfectly and provide support for the neck.

When sleeping, we must recommend that you observe your sleeping pillow a lot, and pay more attention to your sleeping position.

It is recommended that you sleep on your back, because if your neck is uncomfortable, it is most recommended that you sleep on your back. You can adjust the position of the sleep pillow and neck to find a more comfortable way, which can make us more comfortable when sleeping. Perfect, the most important thing is that sleeping on your back can also make us fall asleep faster. Secondly, when sleeping, don't put too many sundries around you, and don't put too many things on the bed, because if one of these things is not careful , sweeping it into our body, it is possible to maintain this position to sleep all night, and the consequences of maintaining such a position to sleep will cause us to get up very uncomfortable the next morning, and then when we sleep, Don't put too much stuff under your body.

Back to the word problem of neck pain, most people have neck pain because their sleeping position is wrong. Some people often have the bed pillows too high, and some people often like to sleep on one side when they sleep. Sleeping on one side and keeping the posture still will cause our necks to be very stiff. Just imagine, if your neck stays in the same position for a long time, your neck will also become very stiff and uncomfortable, so Those who like to roll over while sleeping have a much more comfortable neck than those who always sleep still.

Weaddu non-pressure tpepillow, Ergonomically designed, is more suitable for the cervical spine, no matter you are back sleeper or side sleeper, it can provide support for your neck at any time. The best pillows for sleeping.Let you sleep better all night.

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