What is the quality of TPE pillows? Is it true or not true?

Recently, a pillow called TPE is very popular. The product features hollow, breathable, stable support and other characteristics, which can effectively and quickly rebound to achieve the effect of head and neck pressure relief.

The so-called TPE material is a new type of synthetic material, also known as artificial skin. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material and a new type of polymer material. It is also the only new product that can replace rubber. World-standard environmentally friendly materials.

The characteristics of TPE pillows: It has a series of excellent properties such as good high elasticity, aging resistance, and washability. It has a longer lifespan than traditional filling pillows, and is more stable and safer.

A comfortable pillow can greatly improve people's sleep quality and effectively relieve the fatigue of the next day. Therefore, for pillows-this "partner" that we spend nearly one third of our lives together, naturally It must be carefully selected.

TPE pillow, as another big advantage, is definitely not available in many traditional pillows such as latex and cotton: it can be washed without injury. As a personal item, after a long time, it will eventually become dirty. How to keep it clean will inevitably cause some bacteria and mites. As a full-body 360-degree washable TPE pillow, whether it is hand-washed or machine-washed, it can be washed arbitrarily without fear of deformation or damage. At the same time, the mesh hollow has good ventilation, and it dries after washing and does not store moisture.

How to choose a PE pillow? It is strongly recommended to choose the weaddu brand, which is sold directly from the factory, and the quality is more guaranteed. As a new product, there are only a handful of factories producing this product, and weaddu is one of them.

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