What is the difference between TPE pillows and latex pillows?

The most recent popular TPE pillow, this pillow breaks the convention. It is not a chemical fiber pillow or a latex pillow. It is a honeycomb mesh pillow made of TPE thermoplastic elastomer material. The important thing is that this pillow is washable. It has the same elasticity as latex pillows.
What is the difference in performance between TPE and natural latex? I believe that many of my friends are more puzzled. The following compares the differences between the two from the characteristics of TPE soft rubber and natural latex.

TPE features:
Not only has the high elasticity and strength of rubber, but also has the processing characteristics of plastics. It is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly polymer material between rubber and plastic. It can replace traditional vulcanized rubber and soft PVC in many fields. It can also synthesize and modify various resin materials. 
The TPE production process is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled. Waste incineration does not produce environmental toxins. The processing process is energy-saving. The processing method can be two-shot injection molding or separate injection molding. This feature of the rubber industry shortens the production process of the rubber industry by more than 75%, saves energy consumption by more than 60%, and increases efficiency by 10-20 times. It can be called another technological revolution in materials and processes in the rubber and plastics industry.

Latex features:   
Anti-mite and anti-bacterial, because the oak protein in the latex can inhibit the lurking of germs and allergens, it meets the requirements of environmental protection, can inhibit the growth of germs and mites, and has no static electricity. People who suffer from respiratory diseases can benefit.
Natural latex pillows have thousands of air vents with a fine mesh structure. These holes can dissipate the waste heat and moisture discharged from the human body, promote natural ventilation, and provide a natural air conditioning system to keep the air in the pillow fresh and healthy.

From the above, we can see that TPE soft rubber has high production efficiency, low cost, recyclability and environmental protection. Latex can prevent mites and bacteria. Both TPE soft rubber and latex have their own characteristics. The two materials have their own advantages. TPE has good hand feeling and good elasticity. It is commonly called artificial rubber. Compared with latex, latex has better strength and weather resistance, so Which of these two materials is better depends on where they are used.
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