What is deep sleep? her best beauty products

Deep sleep: Deep sleep is a part of the sleep cycle, also known as "golden sleep", which only accounts for about 25% of the sleep time of the whole night. In the state of deep sleep, the cerebral cortex cells are in a state of sufficient rest, which is very important for eliminating fatigue. , restore energy, immune disease resistance, etc. have a vital role. Therefore, the evaluation of sleep quality should not only look at the time, but more importantly, the quality. Improve sleep quality, ultimately depends on the length of deep sleep time.

When talking about the effect of sleep on the beauty of the human body, he said: "Lack of normal sleep and diet will make people gaunt like a raging fire burning metal." Deep sleep is the essence of sleep, so people who lack deep sleep will have a bad face. Very haggard. Facts have also proved that deep sleep is the best cosmetic, deep sleep time is beauty time. With adequate and effective sleep, the complexion will be radiant, the skin will be elastic and radiant, and the complexion will be rosy and plump. I believe many people feel the same way.

What are the benefits of deep sleep to the human body? There are roughly three aspects: 1. The blood vessels of the skin are more open during sleep. This can supplement skin nutrition and oxygen, and take away various excretions; ② the increased secretion of growth hormone during sleep can promote skin regeneration and repair, and keep the skin delicate and elastic; Remove free radicals from the body more effectively and keep the skin youthful.

Studies have shown that hormone levels fluctuate due to disrupted sleep patterns and are associated with sudden acne breakouts and extremely dry skin. The sunken eyes reveal lack of sleep, mainly due to changes in blood circulation: as the body fights tiredness, blood is pumped to the major organs, causing the face to lose its color and sunken in the eye sockets. Some people find themselves sleeping less and soon notice dull skin and dark-grey circles under the eyes.

In short, lack of sleep is the most likely to cause skin fatigue and aging, and adequate sleep, especially high-quality deep sleep, is the best way to maintain skin and reduce facial wrinkles. In addition to relaxing before going to bed and falling asleep peacefully, following the steps below will allow you to delay the aging of the face and moisturize the skin during sleep "to a higher level"!

╋ Eat as little salt and alcohol as possible after dinner to avoid puffiness around your face and eyes when you wake up in the morning.

╋ Do not eat before going to bed, so as not to concentrate the blood on the digestive organs and reduce the nutrition of the skin.

╋ Before going to bed, use a certain method to maintain the appropriate humidity in the living room, such as turning on the humidifier, because the moderate moisture in the air can prevent the skin from drying and peeling.

╋ Choose a suitable and comfortable pillow. Helps with deep sleep.

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