What is a latex pillow?

Latex pillows are made of the sap of rubber trees, and it is impossible to make latex pillows made of 100% pure latex. The latex content of latex pillows on the market is only 80%-97%, because pure latex cannot achieve coagulation and fluffy effects, and it needs to be added manually. The material is fermented.
Latex pillows are made of natural latex foamed by high-tech methods. There are two main processes in the world, one is the TALALAY method and the other is the Dunlop (DUNLOP) method. The production process of the TALALAY method consists of mixing, injection molding, vacuuming (ie flushing CO2), freezing, vulcanization, washing, drying, etc. The basic process of the Dunlop method consists of mixing, foaming, injection. Mold, vulcanization, washing, drying and other components. Obviously, the Talalay process uses the physical foaming principle (that is, vacuum suction), while the DUNLOP process uses the chemical foaming principle. The biggest difference is that one is foaming after injection molding, and the other is foaming first and then injection molding. Therefore, the cost and difficulty of the TALAlay process are far greater than that of the DUNLOP process. The latex foam foamed by the Talalay process belongs to the open-cell structure, and the latex foam foamed by the Dunlop process belongs to the closed-cell structure, so the latex pillow of the Talalay process has the advantages of better elasticity and better air permeability, but stable The performance is poor, the process is more complex, the cost is high, and it is difficult to develop new products; the Dunlop process has good product stability, low cost, and fast development of new products.

Pillows are an indispensable household necessities in people's lives, and quilts form a large family of bedding series. The same as bedding, people usually only pay attention to cleaning the quilts, pillow covers, and pillowcases, but rarely "invite" pillows outside the house to ventilate and dry. As everyone knows, when you sleep every night, the pillow is the "throat channel" through which the dirty breath in the bedding passes. In addition, when people sleep, the exhaled impure gas infiltrates in large quantities, as well as the sweat and dirt secreted by the scalp, making the pillow a "dirty mess". "The place of "Hidden Dirt". Only by cleaning the outer pillow covers and pillowcases can only "solve the symptoms but not the root cause", but the dirty smell in the pillow core cannot be removed, so the pillow has become one of the most unclean places in the modern family, which is called "the sanitary blind spot of the pillow". ”, the specially made pillow drying bag is specially used for families to easily dry their own pillows. In particular, it should be noted that if there is an infectious disease in the respiratory tract, digestive tract or head skin, bacteria and viruses will also be infected in the pillow core, which may lead to cross-infection between husband and wife or children. Therefore, it is recommended that your pillows should be dried and disinfected frequently to maintain hygiene. For families with conditions, in addition to drying pillows more often, you should also replace the pillow core frequently. According to the advice of medical experts, the pillow core should be replaced at least once every two years, preferably every Sun once a week.

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