What are pillows used for?

What's the use of pillows?
Pillows are used to keep the upper body aligned during sleep, reducing stress and body balance. The pillow should be adjusted according to the individual's unique shape, curve and sleeping position, and reduce any pressure points.

When someone says the word "pillow", you think it's just for sleeping. However, this is not its sole purpose. From ancient times to the present, people all over the world have used pillows in various ways, and even made pillows from stone. This is an unlikely material.

A fairly obvious use of pillows is as an ornament. More fancy than ordinary pillows, decorative varieties often present elegant embroidery, patterns or exquisite patterns.
In ancient Europe, churches began to use pillows as knee rests during prayers. They are much more comfortable than hard stone floors! This tradition still exists in the church today.

In ancient China, pillows were made of stone. It is believed that these Chinese stone pillows transfer the energy of the stone to the brain when placed. People believe that they can heal headaches and even improve someone's wisdom.

TPE pillow, a modern new pillow material, also known as thermoplastic elastomer, is a macromolecular polymer with a soft rubber segment (or rubber phase) and a hard plastic segment (or continuous plastic phase) structure. Ergonomic design, let the head, neck and shoulders get triple relaxation to meet different sleeping positions

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