Three elements of a good pillow, 4 criteria for choosing a pillow for neck pain, give you a good sleep!

Introduction: A kind of pillow that many people are using is the rectangular flat pillow. Although this pillow has a long history and looks practical and generous, it does not meet the physiological requirements of the human body. Long-term use will destroy the physiological curvature of the human cervical spine.

I usually have this feeling: when I wake up, I suddenly find that my neck is so stiff that I can't move, and my back is sore and sore. I didn't sleep all night, why is it more tired? If you have had a similar experience , then you need to carefully check whether your pillow conforms to the physiological curvature of the human neck. Let me tell you the three elements of a good pillow, height shape and material! The 4 criteria for choosing a pillow are also these three elements!

1 Problem on the pillow: The cervical spine is located at the top of the human spine, wrapped in the neck, and consists of 7 vertebrae. The so-called physiological arc is a smooth, forward-facing arc formed by the 7 vertebrae. The function of the pillow is to maintain this normal physiological curve. How to maintain a normal physiological arc depends on whether you are really clear about the size of the neck support pillow.

2The height of the pillow: This also varies from person to person, not the higher the pillow, the better. Because the pillow is too high, no matter what position you sleep in, it will affect your sleep. It cannot maintain the normal lordotic curvature of the cervical spine, but it will be backward, which will increase the burden on the cervical spine and may also cause a stiff neck. Similarly, a pillow that is too low is not good, because too low a pillow can make the head engorged and easily cause puffiness of the eyelids and face.

Generally speaking, our sleeping positions are divided into three types: supine, side and prone. It is best to choose a pillow that can maintain the normal physiological arc of the neck no matter if you sleep on your back or on your side. For adults, the height of the pillow should be 9-12 cm when lying on the back and about 12-9 cm when sleeping on the side.

3The hardness of the pillow: this is also appropriate. Because the pillow is too hard, the contact area with the head is reduced, the pressure is increased, and the scalp will feel uncomfortable; conversely, the pillow is too soft and it is difficult to maintain a certain height, which will cause excessive fatigue of the neck muscles and affect the smoothness of breathing, which is not conducive to sleep. . Only a little softer, without losing a certain hardness, can not only reduce the pressure between the pillow and the scalp, but also maintain the uneven pressure, so that the blood circulation can pass through the place with less pressure and maintain a certain height.

4The width of the pillow: Under normal circumstances, it is better to be wider than your shoulders. Do not sleep on a pillow that is too small, because when you turn over, the pillow cannot support the neck, and a pillow that is too small will affect the safety of sleep. sense.

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