The Terrible Consequences of an Uncomfortable Pillow

1/3 of a person's life is spent in sleep, and a pillow can be said to be a companion for the longest time. Choosing a suitable pillow can not only ensure high-quality sleep, but also affect the quality of work, study and life for 2/3 of life.

The following three items can help you choose a neck pillow that is helpful for cervical spine health: type selection, height selection, quality selection

Pillow selection strategy 1 - how to choose

For an target pillows, the most basic thing is to make the pillow closely fit the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, so that people who work, study and live for a day can relieve the fatigue of cervical muscles and ligaments during sleep.

In traditional pillows, the head is placed on the highest part of the pillow, and the cervical vertebrae are suspended, which makes the muscles around the neck, ligaments and joint bundles in a state of tension, and the passage of the vertebral artery is blocked.

Pillow selection strategy 2 - how to choose high

As the saying goes, sit back and relax, but it is not true. High pillows make the cervical spine too forward, and the soft tissues of the neck are too tense and fatigued, which is prone to stiff neck. At the same time, too high pillows will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, which is especially unfavorable for vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis. On the contrary, some people like to sleep without a pillow or the pillow is too low, which is not good, the cervical spine is easy to be in a suspended state, and the lower jaw will be lifted up because of this, and it is easy to open the mouth to breathe and snore.

According to the research, for the average adult, the height of the pillow should be about 8-12 cm.

Because everyone's cervical spine is different, it may be our best choice to customize different neck support pillow. It takes some time to choose the right neck pillow for you. Having a good pillow adds a peace of mind.

Here is an easy way to measure the height of a pillow: when lying on the back, the height of the pillow is one punch; when lying on the side, the height of the pillow is the height of one punch plus the thickness of one palm.

Pillow selection strategy three - how to choose quality

TPE material was developed by NASA to relieve the pressure on astronauts, and then gradually used in various medical and civilian products, especially pillows made of this material, which have viscoelastic properties and can change with the position of the head and neck. , automatically deform, keep the position closely combined with the neck at any time, especially to fix the head, and prevent the head from slipping and causing "stiff neck".

WEADDU's TPE non-pressure pillow is 100% made of food-grade imported TPE material, which is not only skin-friendly, but also has a two-layer hollow triangle design, which is more breathable, plus unique ergonomic design and neck protection design, Its a neck support pillow that be the best pillow for side and back sleepers, so you can sleep comfortably in winter and summer.It is the best pillows for sleeping.


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