The pros and cons of various sleeping positions

Sleeping can be said to be a compulsory course in life. Sleeping can effectively relieve stress and promote the growth and development of the body, and 30% of our life is spent in sleep. Sleeping is a self-taught physiological behavior. Have you ever paid attention to your sleeping posture? The sleeping position also affects our body!

1,Sleeping on your back

Advantages: Maintaining a supine position will not compress body organs and chest, relieve neck, back pain and other discomfort, and at the same time avoid "intimate contact" between the face and pillow, reducing the chance of bacterial infection.

Disadvantages: Lying on your back can cause obstruction of the human airway, especially for people who snorer, there may be a risk of suffocation. In addition, when you lie on your back, your abdomen will dissipate heat faster, and if you do not take good measures to keep warm, your abdomen will get cold.

Recommendation: If you habitually sleep on your back, choose a full and slightly firm pillow, which can effectively support your head and neck and avoid neck pain.

2,Left side lying position

Advantages: Lying on the left side will not compress the lungs, and you can get more oxygen when you sleep, which is beneficial to the rate of cell metabolism in the body. Lying on the left side can also avoid the problem of gastroesophageal reflux, which has a positive effect on promoting digestion and preventing heartburn. For pregnant women, lying on the left side can improve the right-rotated uterus and allow the fetus to get more oxygen.

Disadvantages: Lying on the left side can compress the human heart and affect the blood supply to the heart or the right side of the brain. In addition, lying on the left side can lead to arterial twisting, especially increasing the risk of cerebral thrombosis.

Recommendation: Patients with heart disease, liver disease or gallstones should not sleep on the left side. In addition, choose a soft silk pillow to slow down the growth of wrinkles.

3,Right side lying position

Advantages: Lying on the right side will not compress the heart organs, so there will be no problem of insufficient blood supply like lying on the left side, and it can also reduce the burden on the heart and effectively relax the muscles, which is conducive to the rest and maintenance of the organs in the body, especially for infants. Lying on the right side of the baby can also avoid the problem of spitting up.

Disadvantages: Lying on the right side is the most likely to compress the human lungs, which often results in insufficient oxygen and causes hypoxia.

Recommendation: Pregnant women and patients with poor lung function are best not to sleep on the right side. You can also choose a soft silk pillow to avoid wrinkles.

4,prone position

Pros: The benefit of a prone sleeping position is that it reduces snoring symptoms. In addition, if the person with waist injury is also suitable for prone, it can avoid pressing the waist.

Disadvantages: The prone position is sleeping on the stomach, which often compresses many organs in the body and causes problems such as poor breathing or insufficient blood supply. Moreover, the prone sleeping position can also compress the eyeball, which is easy to increase the intraocular pressure or cause excessive congestion of the eyeball. In addition, it will also compress the chest, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the chest.

Suggestion: Patients with high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis and heart disease are best not to have a prone position. If you really have the habit of prone, then it is best to choose an elastic or latex mattress, or put a pillow under your stomach to reduce the pressure on your back. , At the same time, be careful not to lie on your stomach for a long time.

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