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If it is said that many modern people don't know how to use neck pillows, this is a bit unconvincing, because this should be the simplest thing. But it is indeed the case. The most important aspects of pillow inserts use: the height, low, soft, hard and air permeability of the pillow core, modern people have many misunderstandings and many unreasonable habits.

1.the reasonable height of the pillow

Only by maintaining the normal physiological state of the cervical spine during sleep can the skin, muscles, ligaments, intervertebral joints, and trachea, esophagus and nerves passing through the neck relax and rest together with the entire human body. When a normal person sleeps on a high pillow, whether it is supine or side, it will change the physiological state of the cervical spine and make some local muscles of the neck excessively tense. Over time, the neck muscles will be strained and contracted, which will cause slight changes in the position of the cervical spine, causing irritation or compression of the nerve roots and blood vessels in the neck, reflex spasm, and even insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in neck, shoulder, back, neck, shoulder, back, neck, neck, shoulder, back, and neck. Arm numbness or dizziness, headache, vision loss, tinnitus, nausea, hearing loss and other symptoms. Sleep pillow is one of the common causes of stiff neck and cervical spondylosis. In addition, a sleep easy pillow will increase the angle between the neck and the chest, which will block the air and ventilation, and easily lead to dry throat, sore throat and snoring. High soft pillow can also make the chest and back muscles tense for a long time, press the chest and prevent normal breathing, which will definitely bring adverse effects on the body in the long run. Normal people go to the comfy pillow and sleep low for a long time, which will also change the physiological state of the cervical spine. Because the veins in the head have no valves, gravity can slow down the venous return in the brain, and the arterial blood supply increases relatively, resulting in discomfort such as head swelling, irritability, and insomnia. Low pillows are especially harmful to patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis. Generally speaking, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma need to sleep high; those with low blood pressure and anemia need to sleep low. Too high or too low bedrest pillow are not good for human health. So for normal people, what is the appropriate height for the head pillow? The general understanding is that people who are accustomed to lying on their backs have a punch and a punch, and those who are accustomed to sleeping on their sides are more suitable for a punch and a half. However, according to the survey, healthy people change their postures about 20-45 times during 8 hours of sleep, and half of them change their postures once in less than 5 minutes, of which 60% are on their backs, 35% are on their sides, and 5% are on their stomachs. . Therefore, although the height of the headrest pillow that people need is often different from person to person, it is related to each person's height, shortness, fatness, shoulder width, head circumference and neck length. It is recommended to use the height of a little more than one punch, and it is not suitable to reach the height of one and a half punches. WEADDU believes that comfort pillow vary from person to person! The perfect pillow that suits you is the best pillow! WEADDU Reminder: Since everyone has different neck arcs and heights, tailor-made healthy pillows with different arcs may be the best choice for establishing a new pillow-side healthy relationship.

2.the reasonable hardness of the pillow

Generally speaking, harder pillows are beneficial to human health, but too hard pillows make the contact surface between the head and the neck rest pillow too small, and the local pressure is too large, making people feel uncomfortable, and this is likely to cause excessive compression of local nerves. Large, numbness or pain in the head, neck, back, arms, hands, etc. occurs the next morning; too soft pillows are difficult to maintain the height of the nest pillow, because too soft pillows oppress the scalp and are not conducive to blood circulation At the same time, there is also the problem of poor ventilation performance, which cannot guarantee sufficient breathing during sleep, and may also have potential safety hazards. WEADDU is divided into three major pillow families according to the hardness of the pillow: Soft Pillow, basic filling materials such as fiber cotton pillow, silk, down pillow, etc., the products are comfortable and elastic; Firm Pillow, people Gradually like the popular and popular buckwheat husk filler, it has good fluidity and can be freely shaped, especially the best bearing force makes it have more and more loyal followers; neutral pillow (Mid-Firm Pillow), natural cattail Velvet, kapok and other materials are slightly less elastic, but are naturally fragrant, comfortable and soft, and have a moderate support for the cervical spine.

3.Breathability and elasticity of pillows

The air permeability and elasticity of the head pillow are mainly for pillows made of soft pillow core materials, because other filling materials such as cassia seeds, silkworm sand, grains, etc. can ensure good air permeability of the top rated pillows, and there is no elasticity and will not collapse. However, soft materials such as vacuum cotton, cotton, sponge, etc. may have problems of poor air permeability and poor elasticity. According to medical investigations, prone position occupies a certain proportion of each person's sleep process. Best soft pillows with poor ventilation performance will make people sleep poorly, which will seriously affect people's health and may even cause safety problems. At present, most of the pillow merchants on the market have taken this problem into consideration and use porous fibers to solve this problem. Good elasticity mainly means that the soft pillow core material can avoid the collapse of the bedroom pillows, ensure the comfortable use of the pillow for a long time, and increase the support force for the bending of the neck, but the funny pillows with good elasticity also has the disadvantage of unstable sleeping posture. The best pillow needs moderate elasticity and moderate supporting force. WEADDU especially recommends cattail quality pillows.

WEADDU's non-pressure TPE pillow is made of imported TPE material, which is cooling and skin-friendly and harmless pillow . The double-layer triangular hollow design is more breathable. The exclusive ergonomic pillow design provides sufficient neck support pillow, and the overall Moderately soft and hard, that is, there is enough support, but not too soft. For all your pillow needs.It is the best pillow for side and back sleepers.

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