How to have a good sleep?

Why does poor sleep affect your appearance? Some people are born ugly, but some people are ugly, except for not loving maintenance. There's one more thing you don't know that can catch you off guard, and that's not getting enough sleep. There is an interesting survey. By comparing the faces of many people with long-term poor sleep quality and good sleep quality, people with poor sleep quality not only have common phenomena such as drooping eyelids, puffiness, and dark circles, but even face shape and skin color. changed. There are also some sleep habits that can also change our appearance. For example, many people sleep with their mouths open, and over time, it will also lead to facial deformities. Another example is that many people like to sleep with their arms under their pillows, which will cause soreness in the upper limbs and deformation of the facial bones. There are also some people whose pillows are too hard, which causes the muscles and nerves to be tense and compressed for a long time, and also affects the blood circulation of the facial skin. Therefore, if you want to look good, it is very important to sleep properly.

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